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Welcome to the OMAN REPs Register of Excercise Professionals - Member Help Center Platform

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If you have queries or concerns, please feel free to fill out and submit the enquiry form and the Support Team will get in touch with you shortly.


REPs is a public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of exercise instructors in the Sultante of Oman.

OMAN REPs will be instigated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth soon and set up as an independent entity by the CEO Khalid Al Balushi to support and help to professionalise the local fitness industry.

A: Personal Trainer

B: Gym Instructor

C: Group Fitness Instructor

D: Group Fitness Instructor Freestyle

E: Yoga Instructor

F: Pilates Instructor

G: Pilates Instructor Comprehensive

H: Aqua Fitness Instructor

I: Children's Fitness Instructor

J: Advanced Exercise Specialist

The Standards were developed by REPs and checked with training providers and employers, the standards are based on the Global Standards for fitness produced by the International Confeeration of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) - so we can demonstrate the OMAN meets best global practice.

Courses to give entry to REPs are approved through internationally accepted accreditation systems, at present these include accreditation routes through the UK, Australia and South Africa

In order to become a fitness professional and register with REPs you must hold a recognised qualification from an approved training provider.To search for approved training providers go to the ApprovedTraining part of the website.

REPs will accept qualifications gained in another ICREPs country with a fitness register (REPs certificate or letter of portability required), we can only accept qualifications from other countries for full entry where we are sure that the qualification meets all the UAE Fitness Standards. If we are not sure we may give “provisional status”.

OMAN REPs requires a competency based assessment to have been part of a members qualification, as this is not always the case with US certifications then normally provisional status will be given and the member will be asked to top up to another certification by completing a practical. If a US certification has a practical included and is accredited globally by ICREPS then it gives full entry to REPs.

Provisional status is given to members of oman REPs who are currently employed in the fitness industry and hold a fitness qualification but we are not sure that the qualification meets the OMAN REPs Fitness Occupational Standards. Further evidence is needed to prove competence against the standards and convert to full status. Provisional status is given for one year and in that time the trainer must “top up” to a locally accredited certification.

REPs look at each application on an individual basis. We would look at the certificates, and also the CV and continuing education taken and decide whether to give full or provisional status.

Degrees in sport (sports science, sports management, sports coaching etc) are recognised as delivering a high level of theoretical learning linked to the sport and fitness industry, however there is normally not much evidence that all of the practical fitness skills, which are in the Oman standards have been taught and assessed adequately. Therefore although university graduates are well qualified and have a high level certification for 3/4/5 years of study, often they can only be given provisional status on REPs and must provide further evidence of their practical fitness instruction skills.

We link to globally recognised yoga accreditation systems, in particular we look for Registered Yoga School (RYS) 200 or above from Yoga Alliance. Yoga degrees and masters degrees are also accepted. To help us look at yoga certificates and decide if the teacher can join REPs we have a “Technical Director” who has good knowledge of yoga certifications and can advise us if a certification is RYS 200 standard or equivalent.

ICREPs is the International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals, it is the global body for REPs registers around the world. There is now a REPS register and member of ICREPs in UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Ireland, Canada, United States and Suktanate of Oman. ICREPs applied a strict criteria to OMAN REPs to be able to join and provides both a forum to share good practice in registration and allow international portability between registers. OMAN REPs is a full member of ICREPs and attends their annual Board meetings.

It is important for exercise professionals to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. Continuing Professional Development – CPD – is about exercise professionals doing extra courses, attending workshops or conferences or taking part in other activities, which increase their skills base. REPs members are expected to do approximately 20 hours of CPD activities over a two year period and to log their CPD “points” where in most cases one point is equal to one hour of learning.

Yes we have a process to evaluate courses and give CPD points, contact the office for details

It costs OMR 50 (VAT incl.) per year to be a member of OMAN REPs

Yes. Employers can submit applications for registration on behalf of their employees.

We say it will take 1 to 4 working days for qualifications from our list of published qualifications. Applications sent with ‘other’ or ‘non listed qualifications’ will take longer. These can take up to 1 month depending on the evidence provided and if the application needs to be assessed by an independent panel.

Yes an up to date CPR certificate is required for REPs registration

OMAN REPs operates as a not-for-profit organisation. Being not-for-profit is a requirement of ICREPs membership and to ensure this principle is upheld the Chair of ICREPs sits on the OMAN REPs Board and scrutinises the accounts once a year. REPs does not receive a grant from the Government so all income is derived from member registrations. The office rent and equipment, four members of staff, external consultant, website, magazine, ID cards etc all have to be paid for from registration income.